Feet don’t fail me now …

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Foot stepping in black
Secrets of the physical game

George Clinton and the Funkadelics had it right even back in 1978:

“One nation and we’re on the move,  Nothin’ can stop us now,  Feet don’t fail me now”

Whether you’ve increased your jogging to offset the surge of holiday calories or you’ve been doing the “mall crawl” for best bargains …

Before you complain about achy feet …

It’s time to heed a few rules:

1st – Don’t skimp, when given the choice, go for the better quality!  No matter if it’s shoes, sneakers, kicks, pumps, cleats, boots, loafers, high tops, or heels, they are the most important piece of equipment in your arsenal of clothing. If they aren’t right, the moment your foot hits the ground, everything goes wrong.

2nd – Get your foot measured!  If you think you are the same size as you were in years past, you may be surprised. The length and width of your foot changes with age, weight increase / decrease, changes in activity, and shoe styles.

3rd – Get support!  Are you flat or high? We’re talkin’ arches here! Flat feet used to be a reason for being rejected by the Army, but now there has to be symptoms (or pain) associated with the condition to be excluded. High arches can be problematic because of pinpoint pressures placed on the heel (calcaneus) and balls of the feet (metatarsals). An orthotic or shoe insert is a good option. Start out with an over the counter brand from the pharmacy or sports store. For more complicated issues, consider a sports medicine doctor.

4th – Is there fungus among us?  Fungus thrives in a warm, moist environment. Choose moisture-wicking socks (not cotton), use antifungal powders and air out your toes at home … and do us all a favor, NOT in public!

With the average person walking the equivalent of three times around the Earth in a lifetime, you need to take better care of your feet! With enormous wear and tear on the 26 bones, 33 joints and more than 100 tendons, ligaments and muscles that make up the foot, most Americans take better care of the tires on their car! If you like what you do, sound off on foot care.

Hit it George!

“ … Ready or not here we come, Getting’ down on the one which we believe in, One nation under a groove, getting’ down just for the funk of it, Can I get it on my good foot …”

Doc B

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