Tone Butt and Legs at Work – 3 Exercises

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One of the biggest and most powerful muscles of the body is the buttocks and legs. This also happens to be the site of most concern for women wanting to look sexy and men needing to lift heavy objects (in some cases, the other way around).

Yet, the most common complaint about not being able to care for these body parts is due to time constraints, ability and know-how. I leave you with no excuse; try this stealth way to multitask – without the risk of getting fired.

Training tips:

Single Leg Squat– Use a hand weight if possible (5 to 20 pounds). Stand straight on one leg, the hand on that same side is holding the dumbbell. Flex the relaxed leg back and place it on the seat of your stationary chair (no rollers) or a low shelf. In other words, the foot of the relaxed leg should be behind you. Now attempt to squat down till you feel a nice level of tension in the thigh and buttock, then switch legs and put the weight in the other hand following 10 to 15 repetitions.

Single Leg– also known as the Romanian Dead Lift. Don’t let the name scare you … actually, it should! The effectiveness of this exercise and the ensuing soreness (if your not used to it), will knock your socks off! As if picking up a dropped pencil or paper off the floor, start by standing straight up with a dumbbell in one hand. Bend forward at the waist while simultaneously extending (raise) the opposite leg (of the hand holding the weight) till it is straight behind you. Repeat 10 times, and then switch legs.

Lunge– As if you are walking to the water cooler, bathroom, or your boss’s office to ask for a raise. Walk across the floor with an exaggerated gait. The lead leg executes a long stride while the knee of the back leg makes contact with the floor.

As a seasoned exercise enthusiast, it is remarkable how these exercises can still produce considerable fatigue and soreness in the muscle, a sure sign of efficient and effective training.

These activities will:

-          Improve strength

-          Condition the muscles for endurance

-          Significantly improve balance

-          Increase bone density

-          Firm the butt, hamstrings and thighs

-          Improve circulation

If you can’t do them at work, then take them to the gym or do these maneuvers at home!

Live longer, live stronger …

Now, get busy!

Doc B

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