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Posted on: May 27th, 2015 by Dr. Spencer Baron No Comments

3d rendered, medical illustration of a painful sacrum

Secrets of the Physical Game:

I have found one benefit of being obese …. there is LESS chance of hip fractures as you age. Yes, amazing but true and it is all about developing the integrity of the hip bone by keeping a constant level of stress on these weight bearing joints.

The lean, light weighted individual is at greater risk. If you don’t do any resistance activities (such as weight training) and if you happen to be a smoker, you are considered “maximum risk” for hip fracture.

This does not mean for you to jump on the calcium supplement bandwagon, and it especially does NOT mean for you to succumb to the most ridiculous prescription medications of the century, the ones that add minerals to your bones after you’ve been diagnosed with mild, moderate or full blown osteoporosis.

Better solution:

Wall squats

Rubber tubing exercises


Leg pressing (machine)

Multi-hip machine or cables


To name a few …

The “secret” is to add some level of stress to the bone to elicit the normal physiological response – the addition of bone strengthening minerals. This reaction is no different than what occurs when calluses on the bottom of your feet form due to the “stresses” from shoes – the addition of skin cell to strengthen the area.

What do you do to keep you hips in the strong bone zone?


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