6 Super-simple Indoor Exercises

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Okay, so I didn’t quite realize that the rest of the earth is not in a tropical region, thus unable to take a luxurious, scenic, warm weather run. (are you ready for a Florida vacation, yet?)

Hence, today’s blog video identifies 6 Super-simple ways to keep conditioned through the winter months.


- Six core exercises, with three optional or additional ones.

- Eight to ten repetitions per exercise.

- 30 to 60 seconds rest between exercises.

- Three to four days a week

- If you need more intensity, repeat the whole cycle of six to eight exercises over again.

- Consider cardiovascular activities on the off days, such as: stationary bike, treadmill, stair master or the elliptical machine.


I’ve added three optional or additional exercises at the end.

1.   The Crunch and the V-up – Two types of Abdominal Exercise – Super-safe to the low back, very effective to the multiple sheets of muscle that make up the abdominal.

2.   Push Ups (2 types) – Traditional and Easy method – sometimes referred to as “Ladies Push Up” – which maybe it shouldn’t be called that since many more women are able do the traditional movement since the years of Jack Lalane. This exercise will affect the chest, front of the shoulders and triceps.

3.  Dips – This one puts more emphasis on the triceps (back of the arms) and is often an area of concern for ladies. As you will see, raising your feet onto a chair places more intensity onto the arms due to a change in trajectory of the gravitational forces upon the body.

4.   Chin Ups – Emphasis placed on the tone of the biceps (front of the arm) and, to a lesser degree, the upper and lower back. Using two chairs and a broomstick, make sure the palms of the hands are facing you when gripping onto the stick or pipe. Please make sure all props are sturdy and stable, otherwise, injury may occur.

5.   Pull Ups – The key here is to simply reverse your grip, palms facing outward and move the chairs further apart. Grab the bar closest to the chairs for greater safety, stability and support. This will place more emphasis on the upper back.

6.   Squats – Using the wall as your guide, as well as, for balance, most of the emphasis is placed on the thighs, buttocks and to a lesser degree, the hamstrings. An absolute, “must-do” exercise if you’ve been sitting or standing all day.

Closeup of a beautiful woman showing perfect buttocks

6a.  Lunges – Love this exercise! It has a cardiovascular effect, which allows you to walk around your whole home, from the bedroom, to the bathroom, to the kitchen. It will certainly get you into the “Ministry of Silly Walks” (Sorry, had to throw in a Monty Python and the Flying Circus reference).

6b.  Step Ups – Another excellent exercise for legs, yet this one helps strengthen muscles while in a more functional position. The knee joint is forced to perform in a position of greater flexion while lifting your body weight against gravity for a longer duration.

6c.  Calf Raises – It has been said that the calf muscle is the heart of the leg. Doing this exercise can circulate greater amounts of blood through the lower extremities. In turn, it will assist in the prevention of varicose veins.


Feel free to ask questions.

Otherwise, make it happen!

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