“Survey said” – you know what to do, but don’t do it!

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Food FightSecrets of the mental game

You know how to reduce your caloric intake!

You know how to burn calories!

You just don’t have the discipline to do it …

Now what?

I recently did a survey and found this to be true:  No one really seemed to need any advice on exercise or nutrition, but they were having the worst trouble with… exercise and nutrition.

What the heck does that mean?

The rest of the survey and some good deductive reasoning brought me to the realization that it is mental. Yes, you are all mental! I don’t mean the clinical manifestations found in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  I’m merely suggesting that most people know what to do but have mental blocks towards doing it.

The superficial answer is discipline; but how does one create discipline?

Oh, we need to form a habit and after 21 days, you are in the routine, blah, blah, blah.

We need to go deeper than that and ask, “How do you start?”

What would this “initial action” look and feel like?  First, it starts out as a thought and then it has to become an action.  BUT, what happens right after thought and right before action?

It is one of two things:

1)      Pain (most common) – governed by guilt and fear.

2)      Pleasure – attraction to gratification.

Let’s take PAIN, not referring to the physical type; simply the emotional anguish of feeling guilty for, let’s say, letting your self get fat, or allowing yourself to feel extremely full after a pig-out session. Fear comes into play when you factor in what the future holds after this loss of discipline occurs.

-          Maybe your significant other will leave you if you don’t care enough about yourself

-          Maybe you will get sick or die from health risks

-          Maybe the sight of cellulite creeps you out

-          Maybe the tightness of the belt around your belly disgusts you

-          Maybe heavy breathing turns you on, but not when it’s your own (after a couple flights of stairs)

Let’s take PLEASURE

Did you ever post a photo of how great you once looked hoping it would serve as inspiration?

You were heading towards the ice cream shop with the intensity of a ravenous hyena when an attractive glance from a hot body crosses your path; suddenly, you have second thoughts about screwing up the diet.

You don’t feel like jogging or going to the gym, yet there are so many friends there to have fun with that you are compelled to go.

You have a bet with someone to lose the weight, you want the 100 bucks, AND you want the victory.

Whatever the motivation, PAIN or PLEASURE, it is what drives you. It is what moves you to accomplishing your goal. I suggest you be fully aware of this and turn up the intensity. If something has worked for you in the past, create the same situation again or set up new Pain / Pleasure scenarios. You need to learn how to manage your mood and wonderful things can be achieved when given the right emotional set up.

I will give you a 5-day-dare on moving forward with an exercise or finishing a healthy meal.  Share the dare by telling me how you are going to persuade yourself to accomplish this task. Then, pass this on to someone you have been helping and hoping would commit to a better way.

Good luck on your mission!

Doc B


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