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dreaming about the future of our planetSecrets of the mental game

The imagination of the mind is an ability we exhibit at varying degrees. It is likened to the strength of a muscle; it needs to be conditioned to stay in peak form.

Without imagination:

  • Nothing gets invented
  • No new strategies arise to solve a problem
  • No ideas are formed as to how to get along with the varying personalities of others
  • No creation of goals exist for you to follow
  • No dreams exist — during the day or while sleeping
  • Nothing arises that can cause fear
  • Nothing arises that can create pleasure
  • No belief in a higher power, or even yourself, exists

Can you imagine a world without your imagination?

  • Solution:
    • Turn off the TV
    • Turn off your computer (unless you are using it for your imagination)
    • Get back in touch with your creative side
    • Write more
    • Read more
    • Start drawing again
    • Take up photography
    • Listen to more lectures that require thought; take notes
    • Take a sculpting class
    • Teach a class
    • Learn to play an instrument
    • Listen to classical music (it elicits the alpha wave state of mind for higher brain function)

Where does your mind go when you battle opposition, oppression and negative forces?

Do your thoughts bring you courage and perseverance?

How does your imagination create opportunity and answers?

Doc B

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