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Young Woman Curling Dumbbells
Secrets of the nutritional game

Ladies, this is NOT about weight training …

And I didn’t spend enough time on the Ladies Professional Golf Association Tour to identify this as a “Secret of the Game.”

What I do know, is that while sitting in a Sports Science Symposium in San Diego, California with over 250 chiropractors fromaround the country, women’s issues were a big topic of discussion.


  • Shortness of breath?
  • Decreased cold tolerance?
  • Itchy skin?
  • Hair loss?
  • Decreased endurance?
  • Sudden, jolting limbs while sleeping? 
  • Increase in coffee consumption?
  • Work outs aren’t as good?

You could have an IRON deficiency!

It’s rather typical of woman to experience this because it’s a vital nutrient lost through blood loss during menstruation.

Long distance runners are very prone to iron loss.

Important note: Your blood panels may show up as “normal,” but heed fair warning!!!

“Normal” may not be “normal” for you!


Red Meat        Soy

Liver                Spinach

Eggs                Dried Fruit

Tuna                Oatmeal

Salmon            Whole Wheat Bread

Oysters            Tofu

Wheat              Tempeh

Oats                 Soymilk

Lentils             Beans

Interesting side note: Iron absorption can be enhanced by taking vitamin C.

It can’t hurt to try an iron supplement for one week, especially since it’s possible to feel a big difference within three to six days. Sometimes it’s as easy as going to your local drug store and picking up a bottle of Floradix.

Have you ever felt the above symptoms and had to pump iron?

Doc B


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