Emergency 9-1-1, the history and how it applies to your health.

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It was established in 1968 that we needed an easy, quickly dialed number that will provide police, fire or ambulance service. Until that time, the operator assisted approach was sufficient as we would rotary dial the 0 and request these services verbally.  Even further back in telecommunication history, we could pick up the phone and the switch board operator would automatically come on as we requested to be connected to whatever party was needed. Ahem (clearing my throat), I, personally, wouldn’t know of this archaic method, although sometimes I feel like I’ve been around since the homing pigeon.

What do you do when you need help … mentally, nutritionally or physically?

Do you do like so many Americans and wait till your health reaches emergency proportions?

Or are you like the proactive few that plans way ahead of the health game?

Before you start falling victim to the high caloric holidays and interrupt your healthy regimens, here are some suggestions to consider:

Physically – Call a personal trainer, start walking around the block, sign up for Pilates, yoga or kick boxing classes.

Nutritionally – Call a nutritionist, take a multivitamin / multimineral or reduce the size of dinner which should consist of a high protein portion of food like fish, meat, soy burger and a steamed vegetable.

Mentally – Call a life coach, read The Code by Tony Burroughs (Laws of Manifestation) or watch “The Moses Codes” (Understanding positive intentions).

If you’ve fallen off your New Year’s resolution wagon, start something today before you get caught up in the holiday madness where 60 percent of the year’s calories consumed in the United States are gobbled up within the three months between Thanksgiving through New Years Day.

What healthy change will you embark on to prevent a personal 9-1-1 call?

Doc B

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