The hunt for food – foraging through the gross-ry story

Posted on: October 8th, 2015 by Dr. Spencer Baron No Comments

Woman shopping fruitsSecrets of the nutritional game

Navigating the long, overloaded food aisles can be a hair-raising experience if you take the process of food shopping for granted.  Have you ever found after you’re home with a kitchen full of plastic bags that:

-          You bought too much?

-          You bought the wrong stuff?

-          You spent an hour there but came home with just a few items or way too many items?

Here are three things that might need to change in order to maximize your experience:

-          Choosing from habit, not knowledge

-          Complicated packaging and labels

-          Calories per serving

We buy groceries week after week and don’t realize that we are neglecting some cardinal rules “of the game.” We buy foods that are convenient which usually does not translate into nutritional.

What considerations do you have when determining your meal plan?

Happy hunting

Doc B

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