Crossroads: Will you LET life happen or will you MAKE life happen?

Posted on: September 15th, 2015 by Dr. Spencer Baron No Comments

Secrets of the physical game … of physics!

Without being too dramatic, the truth about degeneration is that we are all living the basic law of physics which says we will all inevitably deteriorate.  For the “control freaks” among us, here’s good and bad news:  you can’t stop the process but you can certainly slow it down.

We have a CHOICE!

Either, we make the best out of our QUALITY of life Or We allow life to completely dictate, manage and steer our existence to its “predestined” results.

Die beautiful or die a mess?

Entropy is part of the aging process of all living things. We are all going to grow weaker at a certain pace, yet that pace is determined partly by genetics and to a degree, by how you live – the effects your environment has on you.

Think of a broken leg that has been healing in a cast. The bone is healing, but what happens after six weeks (or more) when the fracture has healed and the cast is taken off?

The muscle has deteriorated or atrophied (lost muscle mass) and it’s quite noticeable when comparing it to the other, healthy leg.

Today’s professional athletes are taken through a much different route of healing than what you may have experienced. Their rehab is much more active which accelerates the healing capabilities of the human body and is far more amazing that what most people have ever seen before.

Protocols and strategies for making the body respond and getting the most health out of your life is about working against the side effects of being immobilized from a cast or splint. The fight against entropy or deterioration begins almost the day after surgery for a stabilized injury.

This approach is starting to trickle down from professional sports to the average person. Most approaches to getting healthy or staying healthy are antiquated or just not enough.

It’s about becoming more ACTIVE rather than PASSIVE with your life. Not just with injuries, but with the everyday part of your life … this is prevention!

It is solely up to you to make a decision about fighting the ravages of aging (or entropy).

Simple concept:

  • Afraid of losing your balance as you age?
  • Afraid of fracturing a hip?
  • Concerned about osteoporosis?
  • Bustin’ your back?
  • Belly getting bigger?

All these conditions require action! If you did nothing, degeneration will happen faster without resistance. “Resistance” is the key word here!

Weight training, yoga, Pilates, jogging, biking, and other similar activities provide resistance against gravity.  All of these practices tone muscles, strengthen bones and improve circulation.

Change must happen! Today!

You can make it happen in your favor.  Let’s all decide to grow old gracefully and fight the war on physics by generating our own personal energy to surmount the ravages of entropy.

Make life happen!

Doc B

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