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black woman wearing jeansIt is unquestionable that a person that stands tall with their shoulders back and head perfectly balanced over the shoulders is going to radiate with a sense of confidence and sex appeal than one who slouches.

I know, I know, your mother has said this for years … “Sit up straight!”, “You are going to get a hump in your back if you don’t.”

 Have you ever wondered …

  • Why you are unable to hold the position for more than a few seconds?
  • If you do hold the position, why does it hurt between the shoulders before you hunch over again?

One must understand a few key concepts before they undertake a very simple and most important task. You can’t become a “Swan” from an “ugly-duckling” no matter how much elective surgery you get unless you adhere to one of the most powerful physical manifestations of personality … POSTURE!

Within seconds of assuming the posture of a happy person, your brain believes you are excited and enthusiastic. Alternately, the posture of a lazy, depressed person can reinforce the sensation of sadness and disempowerment.

Can you imagine a runway model or the president with poor posture?  Perfect posture provides sex appeal with in seconds! Now the trick is to hold it that way.

Here’s how:

Your spinal muscles need to be conditioned to hold your head and shoulders upright as these are often the most neglected muscles. Since our society is very forward-oriented, (eating, reading, writing, computer and watching TV) gravity continues to push down on our 10 to 15 pound head causing headaches and heck pain.

Take action – Sample exercises!

Five minutes a day of the following exercises will begin to strengthen the appropriate muscles and provide you with the energy and stamina to hold the perfect posture for a sexier, more attractive you for a longer period of time.

I challenge you try five days of better posture and you may hear people comment on how much better you look. Watch how you can walk through a store and absolute strangers start to ask you directions or where items are when you walk with your overhauled posture along with a quicker step to you walking pace. You will appear to own the place.

And that is how personal power and greater confidence create attractiveness and sex appeal!

It is your choice in the world of “Secrets of the Game.”

Doc B

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