Trade in your clunker!

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Secrets of the physical game

Okay, so you may not get $4500 for this deal, but you will get a lifetime of happiness.

Is it time for you to take a small action step towards trading in your old, fuel guzzling, poor performing vehicle?

Weather you realize it or not, that multimillion dollar body can perform like a Ferrari with just one quick turn of the ignition. That’s all it takes to get your tires rolling and move your body into the right direction.

Here is a list of choices you can start with – pick one!

-          Just 15 minutes earlier - Do 10 sit ups, 10 push ups first thing in the morning.

-          Shrink dinner - Smaller portions, less calories, will be less to digest during sleep.

-          Why weigh - Don’t jump on the scale every day, start allowing the mirror to tell all.

-          Baby steps - Don’t plan to run or jog, just start a nice walk around the block and build up.

-          Don’t break-fast -  Instead of the fast break of coffee and doughnut, slow down and eat a good breakfast.

-          Brain wash - Start the day with a one line, positive affirmation, repeat it several times.

-          Step up - Instead of the elevator, take the step or park your car a little further away.

-          Increase H2O - By consuming a little more water, aches, pains and spasms may dissipate.

-          Vitaminize! - Adding a multivitamin / multimineral to your diet could reduce the onset of disease.

-          Move -  At work, set a timer for every 2 hours and stretch for 30 seconds – it could reduce joint pain and injury.

Whatever it is that you choose, the whole idea is to start somewhere. When the idea of a BIG change becomes overwhelming, one tends to stagnate or paralyzed in their fear of such a commitment. By moving into the direction of a small, but healthy habit, the additional confidence will pave the way towards taking on bigger projects.

Here’s how:

1. Trading in your clunker starts with a thought.

2. The thought ignites an emotion.

3. The emotion fuels the need to take action.

Good luck, here’s the GREEN light – GO!  Tell me which small step you started with.

Doc B

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