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Torso of a  Bellydancer Shaking her Hips

Secrets of the Physical Game

It would be a waste if you didn’t strengthen your waist. Are you among the 1.2 million low back pain sufferers that could have prevented or even rehabbed your low back by exercising your mid-section?

Don’t waste your efforts at just a few abdominal or low back exercises – almost every professional sport team and top athlete does some sort of rotational move.


If you think that you are going to go out and swing a baseball bat in the batting cages with your kid, golf for the fist time, go for a kayak ride or rake the yard without risking injury, you’re in for a surprise. This is where most folks get injured or go into a weakened state. YOU MUST condition your body for these kinds of rotational moves weeks prior to the activity. You will be amazed at how durable your body becomes with just these types of maneuvers.

Try these easy and fun exercises or create your own:

1)      Med Ball Rotational Throws – Med ball exercises are another great way to move in every plane of motion.

2)      Russian Twists – A basic ab exercise everyone should know that can be done with a variety of equipment to challenge your core.

3)      Sledgehammer Swings – There is just something so fun and empowering about swinging the sledgehammer. Plus it is a great     rotational exercise that will help you develop core strength and power.

Happy rotating!

Doc B

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