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Mother and baby walking on sand beachSecrets of the mental game.

As easy as it appears, we tend to miss these steps. Just like a baby walking for the first several attempts. We fall, get up and keep trying.  Babies don’t decide whether or not they are going to “try” and walk. They keep doing it till they get it right.

Do they find an alternative to walking? They may, temporarily, but their ultimate goal is inevitable. One foot in front of the next they begin their journey to walk.

Do you believe your “ultimate goal” is inevitable?

Ever since you were a baby, you instinctively developed the “3 step rule” to your goals.

1)      Decide

2)      Persistence (versus Effort)

3)      “Why?”

Listen to the dynamic personal trainer and motivation coach, Tanya Oliver, share with you something you didn’t realize you learned long, long ago.

Reason number 3 is the fuel for the fire, without it, you will have no drive, no need; no desire … all you will have is a decision with out a passion.

-          You fear the thought of cancer, so you eat well.

-          You train hard to keep up with your children as they get older.

-          You read books of inspiration to keep you from corruption.

-          You diet and exercise hard because you have a wedding to be in.

-          You finally ask the boss for a raise so you can buy that gym membership.

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do?  Tell me WHY you are moved to achieve your goal.

 Read more on Tanya Oliver at: www.resultsdriventraining.com.

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