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Neck painSecrets of the physical and mental game.

There are two sources of pain.  Physical, such as injury and Emotional, such as heartache.  Both are a perception, an awareness, an opinion based on your very own personal assessment of a situation.

Have you ever “Thrown in the towel”? Given in to the injury? Succumbed to the anguish? Just stopped short of reaching your goal?  Due to: Anxiety – Panic – Grief – Remorse – Depression.

It’s fascinating to watch what happens to two athletes that sustain the same (or similar) injury. One will give up; the other will work around it.

I’ve had patients sustain wickedly painful injuries and recover quickly; others maintain their injury status for a lifetime.  What makes the difference? Their mindset.

I am not saying “it’s all in your mind,” and telling you to “get over it.” I am saying that mental perception to an event and the way you process that pain CAN be modulated. You have control!

Here is a suggestion that a high school friend uses on Post Traumatic Stress victims. He’s in the Middle East and his patients are high risk, Iraqi females that are suffering from:

  • Loss of family members
  • Forced relocation
  • New responsibilities in providing for their family
  • Added dependant family members
  • Witnessed killing
  • Jarring of traditionally supportive communities
  • Poor access to medical care

Solutions: Managing your thoughts about the condition is paramount.

Distractions are superior!

Long term action steps:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercise
    • Running
    • Weight training

 Short term action steps:

  • Going to the movies
  • Comedy
  • Having projects to complete
  • Being with friends
  • Music
  • Showering

Feeling down about your pain and what it has done to your family life or career only increases your sense to that pain. A good coach, friend(s) or therapist is invaluable.

What do you do for distraction?

Doc B

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