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istock_000033638470Secrets of the physical and mental game

Did you ever wonder why we have been given the sense of pain?

When it is said that there is a “fine line between pain and pleasure,” the intent was not to be taken in the realm of the sadistic or masochistic, yet to “feel pain” is an extremely integral part of life.

Have we become wimpy, cowardly and a bunch of sissies?

Do we crumble at the mere experience of any pain, trying to wash away the physical or emotional feelings with drugs (illicit / recreational and pharmaceutical) or alcohol?

When we …

Figure out the cause of pain, it makes us RESOURCEFUL

Get to the root of the problem, it creates WISDOM

Endure pain, it makes us STRONGER

Get over the pain, it makes us POWERFUL

To become weak and fearful of pain, the action steps include:

-          Waking with pain in the low back, neck or extremities is handled with an ibuprofen

-          Reaching for an OTC (over the counter) drug at the first sign of indigestion or cramps

-          Having a baby without an epidural is considered “crazy”

-          An argument with a coworker or spouse is followed by “slammin’ a few beers”

-          Childhood trauma and drama is reason to “shoot up”

Our “Say No To Drugs” mantra has us speaking out of both sides of our mouth. A hypocrite might emphatically educate our youth to “Say No” to crack, heroin, PCP, LSD, cocaine, club drugs, crystal meth, etc … Yet at the first sign of physical or emotional pain we reach for “a drink,” or the coveted prescription.

There is a time and place to have a drink or take a pill, yet when it becomes commonplace and a reflex reaction to all emotional and physical pain we lose the ability to mentally, educationally and creatively fight and win over the pain.

Pain is your guide to STOP or GO!

The absence of pain dulls our senses and judgment. Eliminating the pain does not eradicate the problem. Strengthening the mind and body will.

Here are ways to deal with it:

Emotional Pain

-          Hire a life coach

-          Create a support group

-          Inspirational CDs or DVDs

Such as: The Moses Codes, What the Bleep do we Know, Peaceful Warrior (good for kids) or Spiritual Warrior

-          Talk to a friend

Physical Pain

-          Seek a non-drug, non-surgical healthcare provider

-          Martial Arts, Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Weight train, run for your life (or jog)

-          Make a massive change in your daily routine

-          Read the newspaper to see how others are much more worse off than you


Recognize the greatness within you.  This is the last portion of an affirmation I repeat every morning:

I AM the power. I AM the magic. I AM unstoppable. I AM a winner.

I promise to always be true to myself, because I AM a child of

the creator and a master of my universe. I AM responsible for

making a positive difference in the world and to the quality

of life in it.


What does the warrior within you say and feel?


Doc B

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