Mom’s are amazing – under one condition …

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Multitasking woman in kitchen

Secrets of the nutritional game:

 It’s 6 a.m. and most of the world is still bleary-eyed in bed, but you’re up with breakfast made, lunches packed and a list of “To Do’s” on the kitchen counter that will take you through the rest of the day and well into the night.  You’re Mom: a master multi-tasker, problem solver, boo-boo kisser but never truly realize how important you are to not only your own family, but the rest of the “network” you touch with your caring ways every day.  As a result, you go, go, go for everyone else but rarely take a minute to care for yourself.

Sound familiar?

 -When was the last time you took 30 minutes on a weekend to sit down and read for your own pleasure?

-How long has it been since you’ve joined an exercise class at the gym or simply walked around the neighborhood on a beautiful day?

-Can you remember the last time (if ever) you popped a women’s multi-vitamin in your mouth after giving the kids their chewable one?

The Secret to Being a Good Caretaker:

If you don’t take care of yourself physically, mentally and spiritually (yup, there’s that all important triad again,) you can’t truly care for anyone else.  Even flight attendants instruct us to put the oxygen mask over our adult faces BEFORE we help our children with theirs.  In every day life, it’s the same principle.  Mothers are the “emotional glue” that holds our society together.  If they are physically and nutritionally deficient, mentally beaten down with stress and spiritually bankrupt because they haven’t had a chance to think about their own goals and needs, everyone else suffers.


Take care of yourself!

Realize that YOU are the foundation of your family’s health and happiness.  If YOU don’t prioritize healthy habits for yourself every day, YOU can’t care for anyone else successfully.

1)   Take a multi-vitamin with at least 1000 mg. of calcium every day
2)   Eat plenty of low fat protein and leafy green veggies (a salad for lunch each day is a good way)
3)   Lay off the carbonated drinks which leech calcium from feminine bones
4)   Incorporate 30 minutes of exercise into your day even if it means walking briskly through a shopping mall
5)   Sanction 10 minutes of “quiet” before bed to wind down and clear your mind (grab a chair somewhere still with no one around and close your eyes to some harp or soft instrumental music.)

The most loving gift you can give to your family is to love and take care of yourself, as well.

 What will be the first change you make within your day to improve your health, moms?

Doc B

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