Gatorade versus Water!

Posted on: February 17th, 2015 by Dr. Spencer Baron No Comments

Secrets of the nutritional game

kid drinking gatorade

I dare you to pick the correct fluid given a particular scenario …

1.  Child plays 60 minutes of soccer in 80 degree, Florida weather?
2.  Male, adult plays pick up basketball at 5 pm for 90 minutes?
3.  You just vacuumed the house?
4.  Your 10 year old plays video games for 2 hours?
5.  Female, 41 years old completes her first marathon?

If you picked Gatorade for all five questions, then you’ve been punked! Yeah, that was my “wanna-be,” cool-guy way of saying that you’ve been deceived by the commercials and promotional pieces done with superstar athletes and your favorite flavored water.

Did you know: The typical 16 ounce bottle is considered TWO servings! That means multiply the calories you read on the bottle by two – that’s a lot of calorie intake for just two hours of video games.

In an effort be clear and concise about information, I try not to take knowledge for granted. You may have heard this a million times before, but water is the best – it’s a pure and simple approach to hydrating without any guess work.

There are volumes of research done by Gatorade to determine the therapeutic and beneficial effects of electrolyte replacement drinks during and following hi-intensity activities – key word being “hi-intensity.”

The problem starts when people (kids) decide the taste of water is not good enough. They consume the extra, unused calories by having their favorite, flavored drink at a time when the energy expenditure is at its least.

What was the last drink you had and why?

girls drinking gatorade

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