Leverage your pleasure!

Posted on: February 10th, 2015 by Dr. Spencer Baron No Comments

A quick secret of the Mental Game …

 Spencer and young sons

Some of us are motivated towards pleasure when it comes to completing a difficult task. Use the “pay-off principle” when accomplishing something challenging or difficult.

Here’s how: Set up the “pay off” following a hard core task, take a long run or hit the gym with intensity – then – eat a great meal, have sex, catch a movie, drink a beer.

Do something you fear or despise, public speak, make the call, fix something around the house, ask for that big dollar contract – then – follow up with pleasure: take a complete day off, go on a date, eat Popeye’s chicken.

Personal example: To complete a half marathon, I often position my two sons fifty yards from the finish line so they can experience the glory of crossing over and achieving a physical and emotional feat with the safety of holding their Dad’s hand. It ends up being intensely euphoric for me and links my kids into those special accomplishments.

What’s your “leveraged pleasure”?

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