Eliminate inflammation – Fish Oils

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Eliminate inflammation – with Dr. Michael Bagnell

Fish oil highlight …

Inflammation has a root cause in obesity, cardiovascular disease, asthma, allergies, etc. Adding fish oils to you diet can bring down inflammation and improve performance.


All the cells in the body, such as: heart, liver, lung, bone, joint, etc, have a cell membrane that requires flexibility and in order to remain healthy, require healthy fats. Fish oils provide excellent, biologically useful materials in the form of Omega 3, fatty acids.

These supplements must come from a good source.

High quality sources, such as wild salmon with EPA and DHA are a must.

Vitamin E should also be added to the formula.

Omega 6’s are the fats found in so many of today’s food and, actually, INCREASES inflammation, these should be avoided!

Proper dosage of Omega 3– baseline is 3000 milligrams per day. These can be doubled and tripled safely. Look for an additional component in the formula: Gamma Linoleic Acid in the form of Black Currant Seed Oil.

Best time to take it – before bed.

Very important for children! Dose dependant based on age.

Book suggestions: “Inflammation Nation” by Dr. Floyd Chilton

Video suggestions: “Food Inc.”

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